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Candy Bar

Idea of Candy Bar came from the Western countries an recently has become very popular in Estonia. From the beginning it was used to set the wedding table, and now Candy Bar is used for different events like parties for kids, anniversaries, bachelorette parties, corporate parties and other special days.


Candy Bar is presented by various desserts and sweets along the cake (or without one), which will make happy both foodie and sweet tooth. The main idea is to provide so many delicious special treats that one doesn’t know where to look first. At the same time the theme of the event, a set of colours and decor should be followed.


Perfectly organised Candy Bar will amaze your guests. Why we love this way of setting the table? We believe it is a great opportunity to decorate your event with beautiful décor and sweets. In addition it is absolutely wonderful spot to make beautiful pictures!


Candy Bar for Kids

Candy Bar for children’s party is a bright and colorful solution to present sweets, and also beautiful spot to make impressive photos. There are plenty of good ideas for children’s Candy Bar: favoutire cartoon heroes, toys (transport for a boy and princess for a girl), or hobbies (ballet, hockey, football or gymnastics).


Candy Bar for adults’ parties

Candy Bar for a Corporate Party, Birthday Party, Bachelorette Party or Baby Shower will surprise your guests and bring them joy. For corporate parties we easily use company’s logo in confectionery and printing. Candy Bar for such events can also be organized in any color and style.


Wedding Candy Bar

Wedding Candy Bar is a beautiful solution to amaze your guests and to bring joy with various sweets. It is a perfect spot to make the best pictures for you and your guests. Floristry plays a big role here because it should be in harmony with bride’s bouqet and other floral arrangements.

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