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Special Services

  • Ballon Decorations
  • Entertainment
  • Circus Party
  • Pastrycooks
  • Floristry
  • Photo / Video

We decorate the special events with balloons. We provide several solutions: helium balloons, balloon twisting (balloon girland, balloon arch etc.). We also deliver ballons to the party location.

1 entertainer 1 h 60€, 2 entertainers 1 h 85€

The actor appears at the party, loudly telling all the guests of his presence. Next, the actor tells the story how and why he/she arrived at the party. The customer can choose a fairy tale or cartoon character and in accordance with his/her choice of the hero the program will be presented. By the end of the program, guests sing the traditional song for the birthday child and everyone is invited to try the cake. Of course, there will be no celebration without blowing out the candles on the cake!

Soap Bubble Show 25-30 min 70€ (price for 20 children)
Guests of the holiday will see bubbles of various sizes, interesting stunts, gigantic soap bubbles, as well as it will be possible to go inside a huge soap bubble! The program includes a mini workshop for the birthday.
NB: 21-30 children = 80€, 31-40 children = 90€


Soap Bubble Show 25-30 min + Balloon Twisting 80€ (price for 20 children)
NB: 21-30 children = 85€, 31-40 children = 95€


Soap Bubble Show (Premium) 35-40 min 85€ (price for 20 children)
NB: 21-30 children = 95€, 31-40 children = 105€


Soap Bubble Show 35-40 min + Balloon Twisting 95€ (price for 20 children)
NB: 21-30 children = 105 €, 31-40 children = 115€


Science Show 45-55 min 115€
Science Show is an educational party with experimentы in chemistry and scientific experiments.
The show will be remembered for a long time by both children and parents. In a science lab, everything explodes, hisses and sparkles, but the main thing is that everything is safe. A real science show, serious equipment and fantastic results are the best for a child who is interested in experiences.

Face Painting

A face painting is a drawing applied to the skin with special paints that are easily washed off and do not irritate the skin, since they do not contain toxic or harmful substances. For both children and adults, it is interesting to observe the work of artist. Under the artist’s brush there is a magical transformation in beautiful princesses, cats and dogs, butterflies, cute tigers or brave pirates and superheroes.


Prices: 30 € for the first hour, subsequent hours + 25 € (within an hour the artist paints up to 8 children, depending on the complexity of the drawing)

Glitter Tattoo

Glitter Tattoo is a popular type of temporary tattoo, which are applied with water-resistant body glue, the glue is painted on the skin through a stencil. Glitter tattoo generally lasts between 2-5 days.


Price: 30 € (price includes 10 glitter tattoos. Each additional tattoo – 3 €)

Entertainer – live postcard

1 entertainer 35€, 2 entertainers 50€
What is a live postcard? This is an unusual, bright and original way to congratulate a child on his birthday, giving him/her a lot of positive emotions.


Live card is an amazing gift that is a mini-performance with the participation of your favorite hero. Solemn greetings, presenting a gift, fun contests and games will be the highlight of any celebration, will delight everyone without exception and make your party fun and unforgettable! The photos will remind of your gift for a long time.


A live postcard can be presented by any fairy-tale characters who will come to your home, to the playing room or to any place convenient for you. This show lasts 15-20 minutes. Smiles, laughter and good mood are guaranteed!

Balloon Twisting

Funny figures of balloons at the party — a wonderful present for both children and adults.
Prices: 30€ — 10 figures (minimum order) each next balloon costs 1€ a piece.

Service Packages

  1. Entertainer assistant for all the party (3 hours): 1-hour playing program, balloon twisting, glitter tattoo. Price 150€
  2. Entertainer assistant for all the party (3 hours): 1-hour playing program with 2 entertainers, balloon twisting, glitter tattoo. Price 175€
  3. Entertainer assistant for all the party (3 hours): 1-hour playing program, balloon twisting, glitter tattoo, soap bubble show. Price 205€
  1. A Trick Dog
    The dog will show tricks, and then the birthday child will try to be a trainer.
    15 minutes / 75 €
  2. Real Circus Director
    with tricks and magic tricks + a trick dog.
    1 hour / 150 €
  3. Circus Workshop
    We will teach the basics of circus genres, give a try to balance on coils and juggle, learn balloon twisting and in the final all children will get a toy from long balloons. Children also have the opportunity to try themselves as trainers.
    1 hour / 150 €

Most of our works are done in collaboration with our pastrycooks. You can have a look at what we have already done before.

The party cannot be held without flower decoration. There are amazing specialists in floral décor in our team and they will will arrange flowers for your special event in any colour composition.

Any party needs to be remembered and our photographers will help you to capture the brightest moments of your special day.

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